About Us

 Harry Berger Ltd is a family owned, Specialist Dry Cleaning & Dyeing business established in 1912, now managed by 3rd generation brothers Malcolm and Stephen Berger and 4th generation Jonathan Berger. 

 Although ‘Harry Berger’ has been regarded by several generations of local customers and many of their peers in the industry as one of the very best dry cleaners & dyers in Great Britain, as a result of a secret consumer survey of multiple and independent dry cleaners across the UK, commissioned by a national consumer subscription magazine (we can’t say which!), Harry Berger were independently and indicatively rated after a series of exacting technical tests and assessments as ‘THE BEST SPECIALIST DRY CLEANERS & DOMESTIC DYERS IN THE UK ‘.

 A Short History:

In 1912, as a young man, Louis Berger established a bespoke tailoring business in Stockport, Cheshire. Soon after, he imported from Chicago USA one of the first and at the time, revolutionary “Hoffman” steam-powered  scissor-presses which enabled him to finish his hand made suits faster, more safely and to a higher quality than with traditional heavy cast-iron gas fire heated “goose” irons, applied over a damp cloth. (This is where the now much misused and misappropriated term, “hand pressing” originated, which these days more accurately describes simple steam ironing). Though irons are necessary for finishing silk and other fine materials they cannot compete with a ‘Hoffman’, press on just about every other type of fabric which in the hands of a skilled operator produces an unbeatable firm, set-finish on clothing (and the sharpest of trouser creases!) Even today, there’s nothing better than a ‘Hoffman’ type steam press!

In 1928, one of Louis’s sons Harry opened a menswear and tailoring shop a few miles away in its present location in Cheadle Hulme and later took on a dry cleaning agency for a local laundry. After W.W.2 shopping patterns began to change and by 1950 Harry was becoming busier with dry cleaning than his tailoring and menswear, so in 1952 he disposed of the menswear and tailoring and installed a state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine along with no less than four Hoffman presses, (two of which are still in use!) The dry cleaning flourished along with a newly started dyeing service. Technical director Malcolm Berger joined the business in 1965, administration director Stephen Berger a few years later and in 2005 Malcolm’s son Jonathan joined as IT consultant.

Harry Berger are aware their customers appreciate consistent high quality but are also keen to ensure they receive value-for-money competitive prices, so throughout the year, they can take advantage of a loyalty card discount scheme and/or receive a monthly email which offers a different money-saving offer throughout the year.